True Care

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  • Release Date: 28 July 2017


Label Review.

2017 album.

Our Overview.

Irish singer songwriter James Vincent McMorrow is a self confessed introvert. This may not come as a surprise, considering that his first two records, ‘Early In The Morning’ (2010) and ‘Post Tropical’ (2014), were created in isolation: the former in a house in "the middle of nowhere," Ireland and the latter in a "quite remote" studio near El Paso, Texas. Yet his third album ‘We Move’ saw the Dublin-based musician moving beyond and obliterating his comfort zones both emotionally and sonically. McMorrow traveled to various countries to record, assembling an impressive roster of respected producers and collaborators including Nineteen85, Two Inch Punch, Frank Dukes, and Jimmy Douglass, that propelled McMorrow from ‘Early In The Morning’s indie-folk, acoustic tracks to an R&B inspired, synth-pop sphere, with his deep-rooted love of hip-hop and R&B at the forefront.

Time after time this musical enigma has impressed long-time listeners with new advancements in his style and artistry. McMorrow’s latest album release, ‘True Care’, is no exception to the longstanding pattern. McMorrow’s soulful indie tracks hold a serenity and clarity in each note, sometimes muffled with mysterious emotion and discomfort. His songs range in which feelings they choose to provoke, some serving as an escape, others unravelling a musical confrontation of competing sounds and urgent messages. Together, they craft a beautiful, in-depth indie world, fit for a range of reactions and never proving to be inadequate.

‘True Care’ has proven to be a collection worthy of multiple listens, each time enveloping listeners in a new emotion or escape. From start to finish, the collection feels full in 80s inspired synths and haunting harmonies. It’s groovy and ominous. Aggressive and serene. Timely and timeless. It’s a collection of beautiful contradictions and perfect placement and is a brilliant new album that is worthy of all acclaim.


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