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2017 album.

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Three siblings from North London, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis have set the British roots rock scene on its ear with their infectious energy and authentic approach to rockabilly, vintage country, and first-generation rhythm & blues, not to mention the fact that the youngest member of the trio hadn't yet reached her teens when they released their first single in 2005. Kitty Durham, Lewis Durham, and Daisy Durham were born into a musical family, their father, Graeme Durham, is a guitarist who is also a top engineer at one of London's leading record mastering facilities, the Exchange, while their mother, Ingrid Weiss, played drums with the pioneering post-punk band the Raincoats.

Now the trio are returning with their fusion of pop, blues, rock 'n' roll, following 2015’s ‘Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third’, the trio mark their return with the ten track album ‘Superscope’ encapsulating the talented, multi-instrumentalist continued hands on approach as they write, produce and create sparkling analogue productions. the band welcome “you back to the weird and wonderful world of k, d & l where we have been working solidly these past months sculpting our disc of delights which we think you are all going to get a buzz off. We have self written, produced and engineered every waveform in our analogue studios to bring forth new colour, new dimensions, new values and a whole new experience. ‘Superscope’ is our array of passionate, soulful and fiery songs injected with fierce guitars and reckless rhythms. Our songs speak of ardent feelings about love, sex, partying and even psychopathy. So put your tea down,and get ready to ride the ripples.” ‘Superscope’ continues to harness their ability to create pop-infused soul, blues, rock n roll and more mixing up genres to perfection emerging with their musical armoury. The first fruits from the band’s studio sessions arrives in the shape of the single down on my knees a high octane burst of infectious of glam-tinged rock n roll, an impressive introduction to ‘Superscope’.


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