Spooky Action

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  • Release Date: 11 August 2017


Label Review. 

2017 album. Former Mansun frontman. 

Our Overview. 

As the frontman and songwriter of Mansun, the creative force that brought the hit single ‘Wide Open Space’ and the Number 1 album ‘Attack Of The Grey Lantern’ Paul Draper’s talent preceeds him. Mansun’s four albums launched the band into a fervent cult following that has grown and holds an annual convention in the UK in the band’s name.

2016 saw Draper’s triumphant return with two new EPs to set the Mansun fandom aflame. ‘Spooky Action’ will be released in early August, preceding a sold-out headline UK tour, featuring the glistening syntheticsoul single ‘Things People Want’ and warped voodoo psych grat-track ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’. Lyrically, it’s a biting and brutally honest record – an autobiography set to captivating and addictive melodies.

Taking its cue from the two EPs and recorded in collaboration with Catherine AD (The Anchoress) and long time Mansun collaborator P Dub, the record’s eleven tracks also veers through genres, from the warped, razored rock’n’rollin ‘Grey House’ to the glorious widescreen analogue pop of ‘Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion’. ‘Spooky Action’ represents Draper’s strongest, most consistent set of songs to date – a lifetime’s work condensed into just over an hour of perfectly formed music.


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