Soft Sounds From Another Planet

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  • Release Date: 14 July 2017


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2017 album.

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.A solo moniker for Philadelphia musician Michelle Zauner, the delightfully named Japanese Breakfast began as a monthlong, song-a-day writing challenge during a break from her indie rock band Little Big League. That resulted in 2013's June, an intimate set of melodic, electric guitar-accompanied lo-fi tunes issued on cassette by Ranch Records. She continued to write solo and with her band, with Japanese Breakfast's self-released ‘Where Is My Great Big Feeling?’ and the Seagreen Records cassette ‘American Sound’ both following in the summer of 2014 before Little Big League's ‘Tropical Jinx’ arrived that October. With a varied palette including markedly bigger, synth-boosted sounds that bridged lo-fi and indie pop, Japanese Breakfast's Yellow K Records debut, ‘Psychopomp’, was released in the spring of 2016.

Michelle now has a second album on the way as of today, and if it’s anything like her debut, critics everywhere had best start making room on their Best of 2017 lists. ‘Soft Sounds From Another Planet’ is less of a concept album about space exploration so much as it is a mood board come to life. Over the course of 12 tracks, Michelle Zauner explores a sonic landscape of her own design, one that’s big enough to contain her influences. There are songs on this album that recall the pathos of Roy Orbison’s ballads, while others could soundtrack a cinematic drive down one of ‘Blade Runner’s endless skyways.

Zauner’s voice is capacious; one moment she’s serenading the past, the next she’s robotically narrating a love story over sleek monochrome, her lyrics more pointed and personal than ever before. While ‘Psychopomp’ was a genre-spanning introduction to Japanese Breakfast, this visionary second album launches the project to new heights.


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