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2017 album. 

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‘Resurgam’ is the hotly-anticipated sixth studio album from UK-born/Berlin-based experimental singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Fink (aka Fin Greenall) alongside long-time bandmates Tim Thornton (drums, guitar) and Guy Whittaker (bass).

Fink has also proved an inspirational collaborator, co-writing and producing for a teenage Amy Winehouse, soul star John Legend (featured on Legend’s song in the Oscar winning film, 12 Years A Slave) and has written tracks for the Martin Luther King biopic, Selma and William H Macy’s film, Rudderless to name a few.

“I was fresh off the Blues tour, voice thrashed, nails broken, the sweat from the last encore still on the guitar as I unpacked on the first day,” recalls Greenall. “The first week was supposed to be set up and settling in – by the end of day 4 we had already recorded the track “Resurgam,” the first track we nailed, on the first take, whilst essentially warming up…”

Resurgam – meaning “I shall rise again” was recorded with ground-breaking producer Flood (PJ Harvey, U2, Foals, Warpaint, The Killers) at his Assault & Battery studios in North London. “Flood, present and engaged from the first demo, guided me through the process of doing things differently, from writing, to singing, to even thinking about the music I make,” says Greenall. “His combination of ‘deadlines are a good thing’ versus ‘fuck the deadline’, and his mantra of ‘making records to be bought, not sold’ gave us all, in our own individual corner of the studio, the fire and the focus to pull together our firmest, strongest, and most coherent record to date.”

“We tried to make a record we would listen to and go – fuck – I wish we’d written that….and every time I listen to it that’s exactly what I think,” says Greenall. “And I kinda have to pinch myself to remind myself that we did.”


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