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2017 album. 

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South Carolina’s, Hundredth are traditionally known for their energetic live shows, dark and introspective lyrics and unique musical style that is both brutally heavy and full of melody.

Hundredth have always followed their own path, forging a dedicated fanbase with their unique and impassioned approach to heavy music across three full lengths, culminating with 2015's Free, the band's definitive statement within the hardcore genre. When it came time to write a new album Hundredth began to feel the walls of their sound and scene tightening around them. The band had nothing left to give hardcore and the time had come to evolve or end. Faced with this challenge Hundredth chose to do what they do best: be themselves, no matter what that sounds like. 

Lead by vocalist Chadwick Johnson’s vision of constant evolution, the new album ‘Rare’ showcases the band’s ability to transcend the hardcore genre, which has resulted in a new sound that is reminiscent of early post punk, dream pop and shoegaze, that somehow maintains Hundredth's innate energy and heaviness. RARE is a bold statement of newfound purpose, from it's shimmering and gritty guitars, crisp and driving drums, to it's moody atmospherics and reverb-drenched vocals, this is Hundredth melding their instincts and influences into a sound that is all their own. The dense swathes of sound on the single “Suffer” speak a different language of heaviness than the band’s hardcore past, yet “Suffer” and the other songs on ‘Rare’ retain Hundredth’s innate sense of energy.


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