Painted Ruins

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  • Release Date: 18 August 2017


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2017 album. 

Our Overview.

Growing from humble roots into one of the most acclaimed indie rock acts of the 2000s and 2010s, Grizzly Bear began as the home recording project of Boston-bred singer Edward Droste. Holed up in his Brooklyn apartment, he laid the groundwork for the band's otherworldly debut album on a small hand-held tape recorder. His homespun effort took on new life with the help of multi-instrumentalist Christopher Bear, a Chicago native who had worked in musical projects ranging from laptop electronica to free jazz. Bear added instrumentation and vocals to Droste's sonic blueprints, resulting in 2004's ‘Horn of Plenty’.

To build a live show for the project, Bear recruited multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Taylor and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Daniel Rossen. The band's first tours featured improvisations of Droste's early songs; later, they developed new material together, and Rossen began contributing songs of his own. In 2005, Grizzly Bear retreated to Cape Cod to record their first album as a quartet, ‘Yellow House’ - a tapestry of multi-layered harmonies, guitars, woodwinds, and electronics set to Droste's and Rossen's songs. After touring with Radiohead in 2008, Grizzly Bear recorded their elaborate 2009 album ‘Veckatimest’ at upstate New York's Allaire Studios. The album was a resounding success, debuting at number eight on the Billboard 200 and making the band a ubiquitous entry on year-end lists.

Following this flurry of activity, Grizzly Bear went on hiatus until September 2012 when they released ‘Sheilds’, then the band members again went their separate ways to work on their own projects.

After a five year absence Brooklyn based Grizzly Bear began collaborating again, trading demos remotely and slowly working toward a set of new songs. Recorded at Allaire Studios and Hollywood's Vox Studios, as well as Taylor and Rossen's recording spaces, the long awaited fifth album 2017's ‘Painted Ruins’ pairs wide-ranging lyrics with expansive arrangements in playful, rhythmically driven songs.


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