Out Of Silence

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  • Release Date: 22 September 2017


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2017 album.

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New Zealand singer-songwriter Neil Finn is back with his follow up to his 2014 solo album ‘Dizzy Heights’ with ‘Out Of Silence’. Neil Finn has consistently proven his knack for crafting high-quality songs that combine irresistible melodies with meticulous lyrical detail, from his beginnings as the precocious junior member of Split Enz, through his leadership of Crowded House, and, finally, in his distinguished solo career. He has also earned considerable international commercial success, respect from his peers, praise from critics, and a devoted fan base that hangs on his every release.

Neil Finn isn’t just releasing his new album Out Of Silence on 1 September 2017, but he is also intending to mix and master it on the very same day. Neil is baring it all for this album as the sessions have and are being live streamed every Friday during the whole recording process. Finn announced his plans in a tweet on Sunday (July 30)  in which he showed off the studios where he'll be laying down the tracks.

"This is the room, Roundhead Studios... every Friday in August [at 7 p.m. NZT/ 12 a.m. PDT] I'll be gathering with some very good people, friends, family, excellent singers, serious musicians and we'll be working towards the recording of an album and one session on the 25th you can watch, listen, as we lay it down in three hours," he explained in a selfie video, which also noted that he'll be playing some classics during the sessions as well.

No stranger to ambitious collaborative projects, he has also released two acclaimed albums with the group name 7 Worlds Collide.

The first of these, 2001’s 7 Worlds Collide is a live recording from a series of live shows in New Zealand with guest stars including Johnny Marr, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien.  Most of these star names – along with Wilco members Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt and Glenn Kotche - also appeared with Neil Finn on 7 Worlds Collide’s 2009 studio set The Sun Came Out, released for the benefit of the charity Oxfam in 2009.


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