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Label Review.

1979 album remastered with 7 bonus tracks. 

Our Overview. 

Ric Ocasek's artful pop songs drove the Cars, the new-wave band with the fastest, most consistent success. Their debut and second albums sold more than 6 million copies worldwide, and each album since (except their final group effort, Door to Door) has sold over a million copies. Although the group initially got the critics' nod for Ocasek's coolly detached stance and the smoothly burnished keyboard- and guitar-laced hooks, in retrospect the Cars were essentially the new-wave model of a Top 40 hit machine. That their off-center pop sensibility found expression in a series of original and frequently aired music videos made them, for a time, one of America's top bands.

The Cars released Candy-O in 1979, just one year after their hugely successful self-titled debut. Reuniting with producer Roy Thomas Baker, Candy-O peaked at Number Three on the Billboard album chart and boasted the hit "Let's Go," which became the band's first single to reach the Top 15 of the Hot 100 (The Cars classics like "Just What I Needed" and "My Best Friend's Girl" never cracked the Top 20). They also lured renowned pinup artist Alberto Vargas out of retirement; at age 83, the Peruvian master delivered with a gorgeous image of a redhead in a body stocking, reclining on a car. The automobile was lightly outlined — Vargas knew that the car was not the selling point.

Now The Cars are to reissue their second and third albums, Candy -O and Panorama, with a slew of rare and unreleased recordings. The expanded edition of Candy-O will feature the original album, plus seven bonus tracks including a previously unissued version of "They Won't See You," recorded at Northern Studios, and alternate mixes of "Let's Go" and "Lust for Kicks." Rock critic and Rolling Stone contributor David Wild penned the liner notes and conducted a new interview with Cars guitarist Elliot Easton. 

The new edition of Panorama – the Cars' 1980 follow-up – will include three previously unreleased songs, "Shooting For You," "Be My Baby" and "The Edge," plus the B-side, "Don't Go to Pieces." Wild also wrote the liner notes for the Panorama reissue and conducted an interview with keyboardist Greg Hawkes. 


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