Atco Albums Collection

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  • Release Date: 15 September 2017


Label Review. 

All seven albums for Atco 1968-1974 remastered in card sleeves. Gris-Gris (1968) babylon (1969) Remedies (1970) The Sun Moon And Herb (1971) Dr Johns Gumbo (1972) In The Right Place (1973) Desitively Bonaroo (1974).

Our Overview. 

For the first time, Dr John’s first run of solo albums for Atlantic subsidary Atco have been remastered and are bundled out in this one-stop box set.

Mac Rebennack, had been a professional musician since the 1950s as a teenager. His career as a guitarist was cut short when his left ring finger was damaged by a bullet in 1960. He switched to piano which became his main instrument from here on. After years as a session player he scored a record contract in 1967 and issued his first album ‘Gris-Gris’ early the following year. Although ignored at the time, it gained popularity over the years and contains the stone cold classic ‘I Walk On Gilded Splinters’ which has been covered by Humble Pie, Paul Weller, Allman Brothers, Cher and many others.

His albums were a mixture of New Orleans R&B, psych rock and voodoo overtones and it wasn’t until his fourth album, ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Herb’, that he registered on the US Top 200. Atco’s perseverance with their signing paid off two albums later when he scored a US Top 10 hit with the track ‘In The Right Place’ from the album of the same name which also sold well.

When his next album Desitively Bonaroo failed to match the success of it’s predecessor, he left the label but left them with seven albums that have been steady sellers over the years and have always remained in print. The doctor is still around today and now is a great time to check out this run of albums he recorded for Atco.


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