Against Which The Sea Continually Beats

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  • Release Date: 16 June 2017


Label Review.

2007 album. Thrill Jockey.

Our Overview.

Glenn Jones is a master of American Primitive Guitar, a style invented in the late 1950s by John Fahey, whose traditional fingerpicking techniques and wide-ranging influences were used to create modern original compositions.

Jones, who led the post-rock ensemble Cul de Sac, brings his own made-up tunings, the use of custom-crafted partial capos, and a highly skilled picking style on both banjo and guitar, to create personal compositions that are lyrical, emotive and elegant. What sets him apart from the myriad guitarists playing today is his ability to tell stories with the guitar and banjo and to convey a range of emotions.

His second album ‘Against Which The Sea Continually Beats’ was originally released in 2007 on CD by Strange Attractors Audio House and the Thrill Jockey label give this timeless classic a first-time vinyl issue.

“The songs on ‘Against Which The Sea Continually Beats’ are successful as well-crafted vignettes, drawing listeners into a pleasant, powerful world where the strongest bonds and emotions cannot fully be captured by mere words.” - PopMatters

“[Jones is] time-traveling, moving backward and forward until the present blurs, turning something fleeting into something beautiful.” - NPR Music

“Glenn Jones has no fear. He embraces the unknown to the point of jumping into creative abysses that require fortitude to claw back from.” - Guitar Player

“Glenn Jones continues his reign as king of American Primitive Guitar.” - Magnet


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