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We have a legacy of 30 years as an Independent UK retailer

We are passionate about music, informed, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing a reciprocal music indulgence experience to all of our customers.


Focused on excellent Customer Service

Our mission is to ensure every unique customer receives a first class service from first point of contact, to purchase through to delivery and receipt of ordered products.


Can't find it? We'll try to source it. Have a query? Just get in touch!

If you have the time ring us and lets chat, or if you prefer email or write to us. We will endeavour to help you in every way we can! We genuinely care about your custom and patronage because you are our 'VIP'.

We're Kids in a Music Sweet Shop

Us Keymailorder 'Kids' are totally addicted to music, from teens to present day it's been a staple of our lives. We can hear a track and remember where we were, what we felt, who we were with and as fellow collectors & connoisseurs of music we are constantly sharing new sounds with each other, from artists and bands that recorded over 90 years ago through to present day, from the renowned to the obscure. We are consumers, fans and followers ever hungry to hear more, just can't get enough and we all remember the first album we bought with our pocket money.

We love what we do, what's not to love when we get to source and listen to artists and bands that have changed or are changing the history of music, then subsequently ensure these titles are available for other music addicts and aficionados to enjoy. We also have some of the most amazing customers who recollect their unique stories with us, either inspired by our catalogue or artists/albums they want ourselves to source, which has reciprocal effect; we get exposed to new material which in turn we share with our audience.

At Keymailorder we are totally eclectic in what we have to offer so we do not have 'Genres' on our site, you can't pigeon hole music, some artists will fit into multiple genres and some 'none of the above'. What we do have is an extensive catalogue of artists and bands, these include titles that are rare releases, new releases, limited releases and re-releases from the labels and at times exclusive releases from the artists or bands themselves.

Our passion here is based on total indulgence, the joy of sharing music and ensuring we keep you in the loop online or offline. The website is updated the minute we get news from the labels of their new releases or goodies to preorder, you can also download our "Weekly Release List" from the homepage and check out at a glance what the labels are releasing that week, you can subscribe online to receive our weekly e-news letter featuring our "Hot Picks of the Week" and/or you could choose to receive our Monthly Postal Newsletter by ringing, emailing or writing to us.

The website has 10,000's upon 10,000's of veritable music feasts, however if you cannot find what you're looking for please contact us and will endeavour to source it for you. Our mission is to ensure excellence of customer service, from first point of contact with us through to delivery of your goodies, our customers/fellow music afficionados are first and foremost to Keymailorder and we will never forget that. 

Thanks for visiting our website, stepping into our little world of total music indulgence and for taking the time to check us out, we really appreciate it.


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