Get Vip by using Clash Royale Cheat

Getting infinity gems and gold with clash royale cheat tool

Once a while, I was searching on the internet to find some interesting game to killing my free time. I ended up my finding with Clash Royale. A game from creator’s Clash of Clans which game that I used to play. Supercell is also known as developer and publisher for this game. The developer of Supercell merges various aspects from collectible card game, multiplayer battle game and of course the main factor is strategical game. First thought on my mind is maybe some building game and get strong army to conquer another player city or kingdom. However, it was totally wrong when I got the tutorial of this game. The pace of game is quite fast because the main activity of this game is searching another opponent and deploy your minions to eliminate their town and defend your town at the same time. Obviously, this game is totally rock when stepping your first into the world of Clash Royale is just a brands new beginning for your own journey. Moreover, I battle with my friends to earn friendly battle which help me to earn more shining card in the game. To save my time, I am willing to use Clash Royale cheat tool.

Tutorial and the systems of this game

Every game always starts with a tutorial and from this tutorial, there are six wooden treasure chest which is given to you as the capitol to start your journey. One of elements in this game is collectible card game that means you have to collect as many cards as possible even it is the same. Because of upgrading, you are required to stack up the same card together in term of upgrade your character card. Purchasing card in the shop is limited in 3 card each day. However, there is another way to get the card by winning the match and the reward is treasure chest take turn Silver, Gold or Magical chest. Unfortunately, there is no key to unlock or to buy in shop or in anywhere. Just kidding! There is no need the key for unlock but instead of using time to unlock it and the capability of storing chest up to 4. Once you reach the limit of chest, you cannot get any chests more even you win the game. This is the reason why many players even me use the Clash Royale cheat tool to earn more gems and gold for the game.
Besides, there is a guild system where contributing your trophies in order unlock the guild chest with various epic cards inside. The higher rank your guild is, the more gems you can earn. However, this is not the possible way for you to earn more gems and as not convenient as using Clash Royale cheat tool.
Talking about gems so much, but how about gold in this game. Gold is used for purchasing card and upgrading your character’s card. Getting the level up in a few of beginning this game is a piece of cake, but it won’t be cheap for you to upgrade on Rare and Epic cards. Because of those types of cards in this game, the amount of gold is spent much more than the Common type. However, earning gold in this game is not a smooth way to go, after every battle you only get a few coins between 5 to 15 coins of gold. How long for you to earn enough money to buy 100 cards even they are Common type. By solving this problem, Clash Royale cheat tool is an amazing choice for you.

Effectively getting gems and gold

Come to this phrase, you guys may want to know what tips to earn more gems and gold in this game. Gems is a reward whenever you complete an achievement. However, the number of achievements are limited. Once you run out of gems and there is no more achievement for getting gems, claiming guild to earn gems or using your wallet. I suggest you to use Clash Royale cheat tool to have infinity of gems and gold. First, you just go in and fill your name. The next step is just fill your number of this game resources in order getting free. Last but not least, checking your game profile, if there is no change, repeat from the start.


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